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Honey Bees African Ancestors May Hold Cure for Biting Mite Plague

This article on the resilience of African honey bees was published in LiveScience.Com (online publication).


Coverage on SolarMal project

This coverage captured the Solarmal project and hope towards elimination of malaria while improving provide the local population with a source of sustainable energy. 


Beekeeping, a key source of food security!

icipe has implimented a project, ‘Alternative Livelihoods for Food and Income Security’ which aims at contributing to improved food and income security of small holder farmers through the introduction of improved beekeeping and pollination technologies and services as alternative sources of livelihood, improved crop yields as well as biodiversity conservation.


Edible insect research

icipe's research on insects as food and feed continues to attract media attention, with coverage as follows: 


Mabadiliko ya tabianchi (Climate Change) yanavyoleta wimbi la magonjwa na wadudu kwenye zao la mahindi

Icipe is carrying out research in the Taita hills in Kenya under the CHIESA project which aims at understanding the effects of climate change on agricultural production especially maize. Publicity in this study as been received in the following media.