Technology Transfer Unit

Since its founding, icipe has maintained a clear mission of producing world-class knowledge, backed by the determination of developing solutions that are environmentally friendly, accessible, affordable and easy-to-use by end-users. Therefore, the Centre places great emphasis on ensuring effective transfer of technologies, by instituting strategies to translate research into tangible products, building indigenous capacity to use and adapt them to local conditions, and working with public and private partners to create relevant and effective value chains.

In accordance, and building on previous experience, in 2016, icipe re-launched its Technology Transfer Unit (TTU), which is aligned to the Centre’s Vision and Strategy 2013 – 2020. TTU will enable the assignment of the dissemination of strategies and solutions developed by the Centre to a dedicated, appropriately skilled team.

TTU presents a platform for synchronised, sustainable and visibile technology dissemination. The Unit will build on pilot technology dissemination projects by icipe and partners, to scale them out for enhanced impact. TTU will also strengthen cross-linkages between icipe, farmers, researchers, donors, enterprises and policymakers, facilitating better processes for providing information and advice, testing and improving technologies, capacity building, innovative project development and business incubation.

TTU is being incubated within the Push-Pull Sub-Saharan Africa project, funded by Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development, Switzerland.

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