Somaliland has a large livestock resource base consisting of camel, cattle, sheep and goat, which are primarily raised for meat and milk. Although there is increasing demand for these products in the country, a number of constraints exist in the value chain, including i) scarcity of fodder ii) animal health problems iii) inadequate support services iv) low technical capacity, governance and coordination mechanisms, and v) low phyto-hygienic standards or processes to obtain quality milk and poor transport infrastructure, high temperature and humidity, which lead to rapid spoilage, and reduced milk marketability.

This project aims to enhance the Somaliland milk value chain through research and development, capacity building and strengthening governance and rehabilitation of the milk market. The objective is to increase income generation and employment of dairy farmers and pastoralists, especially women and youth, and to reduce food insecurity in Somaliland.


European Union


  • Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

  • Somaliland Ministry of Livestock