If connection between producers and consumers are weak or costly, farmers’ earnings are reduced, creating disincentives to adopt agricultural productivity enhancing technologies.  Certain types of technologies or innovations are only profitable when farmers are integrated into market.

The understanding of the structure and function of markets and value chains; farmers’ output market participation level and participation of various actors and constraints along the value chain, is essential for accelerating technology adoption and increasing growth of agricultural production and the competitiveness of smallholder farmers.

The icipe SSIA Unit develops and tests alternative institutional innovations and policy options for improved technology delivery, input supply, and output markets with a view to enhancing resource poor farmers’ income gains through increased market participation and commercialisation with significant feedback effects on technology adoption.

Such analysis is important to identify policy options for enhancing the market environment, niche markets and other high-value product markets and strategies for linking smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs to such markets.