Communication, Capacity Building, Delivery and Impact Assessment

The activities under this focus area include:

  •  Internal communication between icipe’s 4-H themes, partners and technology users.
  •  Dissemination model to implement the most appropriate pathways in view of the needs of end-users.
  •  Technology portal: Compelling technologies for upscaling and out-scaling shall be deposited in a knowledge repository.
  •  Communication strategy: In order to connect with the various actors and stakeholders, TTU will design a communication strategy that shall be an interface between researchers and partners and technology users.
  •  Capacity building through the development of manuals, guides, leaflets and brochures, for example for training of trainers, farmers’ field schools, and in-house or on-farm demonstration processes.
  •  Tracking mechanism based on a monitoring and evaluation framework to gauge the success of the technology transfer processes and arising challenges in technology delivery and performance.
  •  Impact assessment, through monitoring and evaluation reviews specifically oriented towards technology transfer. In partnership with the Social Science and Impact Assessment Unit (SSIAU), technology transfer and adoption will be integrated as an indicator of icipe’s performance.