Community groups collaborating with the Bioprospecting Programme

Muliru Farmers Conservation Group (MFCG),  is composed of people living adjacent Kakamega forest, specifically in Isecheno sub-location, Shibuye Location in Shinyalu Division of Kakamega County. Its objective is to conserve the environment while improving the livelihoods of the local community. 

Kakamega Environmental Education Programme (KEEP) is a voluntary community-based environmental conservation group whose mission is to protect Kakamega forest through dissemination of environmental education and conservation awareness to Kenyans and foreign communities. 

The East Usambara Farmers Conservation Group consists of 600 community members living adjacent to the ecosystem it takes its name from. The Group promotes conservation of the forests and commercial cultivation of Ocimum kilimandscharicum medicinal plant for livelihood improvement of the local communities.

Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) is a  non-governmental organisation promoting the conservation of the Eastern Arc / Coastal forest biodiversity hotspot, aiming to provide sustainable solutions to the problems that have driven deforestation in this unique area. 

Community Groups Involved in Beneficial and Commercial Insects Programme


  • Meles Organic Honey Marketplace, Tigray
  • Tolay Natural Organic Honey Marketplace
  • South West Honey Marketplace


  • Kakamega Silk and Honey Marketplace
  • Stingless Beekeepers
  • Arabuko Honey and Silk Marketplace
  • Mwingi Honey and Silk Marketplace
  • Mt. Kenya Honey Marketplace
  • Makindu Honey Marketplace
  • Cabesi Honey Marketplace, West Pokot
  • Isiolo Honey Marketplace
  • Taita Honey Marketplace
  • Othoro Silk Marketplace 


  • South Kordofan Honey and Silk Marketplace

South Sudan 

  • Maridi Honey Marketplace  


  • Tanga Honey Marketplace


  • Bushenyi Silk Marketplace
  • Hoima Honey Marketplace 


  • Hudaidah Honey  Marketplace
  • Shabwa Honey Marketplace
  • Al Dhala Honey Marketplace