Research conducted in the icipe Behavioural and Chemical Ecology Unit (BCEU) focuses on the development of environmentally-sound methods to reduce or suppress  target pest populations, and to increase populations of beneficial insects including natural enemies of these pests.

Studies are also conducted to conserve beneficials such as honeybees. Central to BCEU’s activities is the identification, formulation and evaluation of pheromones, kairomones, allomones and hormones mediating insect/arthropod behaviour. 

The Unit is well equipped with various analytical chemistry instruments including volatile collection systems (VCS), gas chromatographs (GCs), coupled gas chromatography-electroantennographic detection (GC-EAD) system, GC-mass spectrometer (GC-MS), and a liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer (LC-MS) to carry out its research objectives.  BCEU is also equipped with various instruments to study insect behaviour. Capacity building is an integral part of research activities in BCEU.

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