Under this focus area, the SSIAU monitors the progress of icipe's research activities, and conducts economic, social, and environmental research studies needed to generate evidence to: (i) guide research prioritization and understand constraints to and incentives for faster adoption of technologies; and (ii) document the impacts of icipe research. This focus area has six priority objectives:

  • Conduct needs assessments and socio-economic situation analyses to inform R4D project design and to support technology innovations at the Centre level;
  • Carry out substantive ex-ante and ex-post studies, to guide resource and research prioritization, to provide feedback for policy makers, donors, and scientists, as well as inform policy choices for better targeting for the poor, women and the other vulnerable groups and for better diffusion of innovations;
  • Economic valuation of pollination services provided by managed honey bees and the wild bees and the impact of pollinator abundance and diversity, on crop productivity, food security and income of households;
  • Generate knowledge on the key drivers and barriers for adoption and scaling up adoption of new technologies;
  • Design (gender-sensitive) monitoring and evaluation methodologies and build capacity of research teams to implement M&E activities; and
  • Develop strategies and policy options to stimulate more widespread adoption of icipe's technologies.