Rosemary Sang

Dr Rosemary Sang

Dr Rosemary Sang is a Principal Research Scientist in the Arbovirology/VHF Unit, CVR/KEMRI, and a consultant scientist at icipe. She is an arbvovirologist with vast experience on arbovirus surveillance, outbreak response and investigations in support of the Ministry of Public Health, Government of Kenya, and the World Health Organization.

Dr Sang holds a PhD  in Medical entomology (PhD), and an MSc in Medical Virology (MSc). She has co-ordinated the Arbovirus Incidence and Diversity Project (AVID) spearheaded by icipe. She has also conducted extensive surveillance in Kenya and determined the risk of arbovirus transmission to diverse populations in the country and also participated in major arbovirus outbreak investigations in the region and is currently working on a number of projects looking into improving our understanding of virus, vector and environmental interactions in disease maintenance and transmission, and has published extensively in the field. Dr Sang has also mentored many students at MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral levels.