Bedaso Taye

Mr Bedaso Taye

Mr Taye is the Impact Assessment and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Youth Entrepreneurship in Silk and Honey project (YESH) project. The focus of his job will be on developing and implementing M&E frameworks, conduct baseline as well as monitoring surveys, and organize evaluation and impact assessment studies. He reports to YESH project coordinator administratively and to socio-economics and impact assessment head technically.

Bedaso has accumulated about nine years of experience in teaching, research and M&E assignments. His areas of interest are M&E, impact assessment, agricultural value chain development, adaptation to climate change and gender mainstreaming. Previously he had served as lecturer in Mada Walabu University, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, where he not only taught courses but also served as head of the Economics Department. He was also engaged in the University’s research and community support initiatives.

In 2011 he joined the Sasakawa Global 2000 initiative in Ethiopia as Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Sharing Program officer during which he managed to institutionalize a results based M&E system. He conducted evaluation studies on strengthening agricultural extension delivery, women empowerment and Purchase for Progress (P4P) projects. In 2014 Bedaso joined the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) as Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation advisor to Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). In his engagements with the ATA and MoA he developed and implemented a roadmap to establish results based M&E framework in the Ministry. He also led the design and finalization of agricultural sector Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II, 2015-2020).  

Bedaso’s research works include Extent and Determinants of Urban poverty: Anthropometric Analysis, Household Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Options, Impact of Irrigation on Poverty at Household Level, Commercialization of Ethiopian Agriculture: factors and challenges, Analysis of factors affecting the success of model farmers in Ethiopia and Factors that dictate farmers to sell their outputs too early: implication for seasonal price fluctuation.

Bedaso Taye received his first degree in Economics from ArbaMinch University in 2007 and his MSc degree in Resource and Environmental Economics from Addis Ababa University in 2010. Moreover, he attended several high level trainings in M&E and impact assessment; Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation-M4I at Wageningen University Center for Development Innovation in 2014, Technical Approaches to Impact Evaluation from 3ie and World Bank in 2013, and Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation at the Uganda Management Institute and Danida Fellowship Center in 2015.