EntoNUTRI: Development and implementation of insect-based products to enhance food and nutritional security in sub-Saharan Africa funded by BMZ/GIZ

EntoNUTRI is based on complementary partnership of icipe, University of Bonn, University of Hohenheim’s Food Security Centre (FSC), and national agricultural research systems (NARS) from Kenya and Uganda to enhance food and nutritional security with insects as food. The strategic research thrust of EntoNUTRI includes, but is not limited to: (i) developing and optimising production systems for farming and harvesting the edible insects such as saturniid caterpillars, long-horned grasshopper, Ruspolia differens commonly called as Nsenene and crickets (ii) establishing the nutritional attributes of the above target insect species (fresh, stored/processed) and assessing appropriate post-harvest technologies; (iii) establishing food safety (chemical and microbiological) and regulatory requirements to inform policy; and (iv) socio-economic assessment on community perception, willingness to accept insects as food and the effect of consumption on anthropometric parameters of consumers.  Innovation and technology transfer and training of NARS partners, insect farmers, the private sector and graduate students (PhD and MSc) to increase knowledge on the use of insects as food to improve the livelihood of producers and consumers in the target countries is also factored into EntoNUTRI.

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