Vongai Marjorie Paradza (Zimbabwe)

Vongai Marjorie Paradza

Research Project: Development of effective bio pesticides for management of pesticide resistant strains of whiteflies infesting vegetables in East Africa

Host project: BioInnovate Africa Phase I project “Promoting smallholder access to fungal biopesticides through Public Private Partnerships in East Africa (PROSAFE)”

Funding: DAAD

Research goals: To identify effective entomopathogenic and endophytic biopesticides, develop effective and innovative formulations and application strategies for the identified biopesticides for management of whiteflies infesting vegetables in East Africa

Bio:  BSc in Agriculture (Crop Science) from the University of Zimbabwe; MPhil in Agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe

Supervisors: Dr Fathiya Khamis, Dr Sevgan Subramanian, Dr Komivi Akutse, Dr Sunday Ekesi