Mawufe Komi Agbodzavu

Mawufe Agbodzavu

Research project: Bio-ecological studies and development of IPM technologies against the lepidopteran defoliators of amaranth

Mawufe is an ARPPIS PhD Scholar supervised by Dr Komi Fiaboe (icipe) and Dr Zipporah Laggat (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya). Mawufe’s research interests include insect pests and their parasitoids, and insect pathology. He is currently researching the bio-ecology lepidopteran defoliators of amaranth and the development of IPM technologies for their management. This project involves the study of the diversity, distribution, seasonality and alternative hosts of lepidopteran defoliators and their associated natural enemies. The study is also looking at the effect of attractants on the lepidopteran defoliators and their parasitoids, and the compatibility between entomopathogenic fungi isolates and promising parasitoid species. He is registered for a PhD at JKUAT and is supported by a scholarship from DAAD.

Mawufe completed his BSc and MSc in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Lome, Togo. He also holds a MSc. in Agricultural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences from the same University. Mawufe serves as the Vice President of the icipe Scholars Association.