Joseph Njuguna Gichuhi

Joseph Gichuhi

Research project: Assessment of the diversity, host population dynamics and interactions of tephritid fruit fly endosymbionts with their associated parasitoids and entomopathogens

Joseph is an ARPPIS PhD scholar supervised by Dr. Sunday Ekesi (icipe) and Johnnie Van Den Berg (North-West University, South Africa). Joseph’s research interests include the effects of endosymbionts on their insect hosts. His PhD research aims to identify whether the endosymbionts confer resistance to, or enhance infection and parasitization of tephritid fruit flies. These findings will inform Integrated Pest Management strategies against tephritid fruit flies that are, by and large, a very problematic group of pests to control. He is registered for a PhD at North-West University and is supported by a scholarship from the European Union.

Joseph holds a BSc in Biomedical Science and Technology from Egerton University, Kenya, and a MSc in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya.