Getachew Eticha (Ethiopia)

Getachew Eticha

Research project: Exploring the role of grasses and associated fungal species in oviposition site selection of malaria vector mosquitoes.

Research goals: This research will contribute knowledge on the development of vector control and monitoring tools that target malaria mosquitoes outside houses, as well tools that are not insecticide-based.

Host project and funding: Novel oviposition attractants for malaria mosquitoes, funded by the Swedish Research Council (through KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

Bio: Getachew holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Biology from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, and an MSc in Entomology from Jimma University, Ethiopia.  He is a member of Ethiopian Society of Tropical and Infectious Diseases and Crop Protection Society of Ethiopia.

Supervisors: Dr Ulrike Fillinger, Dr Michael Okal and Dr David Tchouassi (icipe).