Eva Wavinya Kivuva (Kenya)

Eva Wavinya Kivuva

Research project title: Screening of Datura stramonium Endophytes and Extract for Potential to Confer Thaumatobia leucotreta Resistance in Capsicum annuum.

Eva is a DRIP MSc Scholar in Plant Health theme under Drs Fathiya Khamis; John Bwire (icipe), Dr Adelaide Mutune (Kenyatta University) and Dr Vitalis Wekesa (Dudutech IPM Ltd).  Her MSc thesis is titled Screening of Datura stramonium Endophytes and Extract for Potential to Confer Thaumatotibia leucotreta Resistance in Capsicum annuum funded by the NORAD CAP-AFRICA.  Her research focusses on assessing assemblage and abundance of endophytes in Datura stramonium from different counties in Kenya, assessing the ability of the endophytes to colonize and confer pest resistance in Capsicum annum, assessing the potential of Datura stramonium extract toxicity against invasive pests and evaluating the general ability of the endophytes that colonize host plant successfully to promote growth in the host plant. Knowledge gained from this study will lead to reduced use of synthetic pesticides used to manage FCM, which are hazardous.

 Eva holds a degree in BSc (science) (Biotechnology and Biosafety) from the University of Eldoret and is pursuing an MSc in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry from Kenyatta University.