Dorothy Wangui Gitahi

Dorothy Gitahi

Research project: Assess the farmer willingness to adopt the IPM strategies for controlling African citrus triozid (ACT), Huanglongbing (HLB) disease and false codling moth (FCM) on citrus

Dorothy is a DRIP MSc scholar supervised by Dr Beatrice Muriithi (icipe) and Prof.George Owuor (Egerton University, Kenya). Dorothy’s research interests include cultural anthropology, Environmental horticulture, Arthrodopology and is currently researching farmers’ knowledge, attitude and practices of management of ACT, HLB and FCM on citrus and the willingness to pay for an integrated pest management strategy in Kenya. She is currently registered for a MSc at Egerton University Kenya.

Dorothy completed her undergraduate studies in BSc Agricultural Economics at Egerton University Kenya.