Samira Abuelgasim Mohamed

Dr Samira Abuelgasim Mohamed

Dr Mohamed is an agricultural entomologist and biological control specialist within the Plant Health Theme. Her research areas include integrated pest management for insects of horticultural crops with particular interest in classical biological control.

As a senior scientist, Dr Mohamed coordinates the BMZ funded project on Tuta absoluta IPM and Fruit flies IPM Technologies Dissemination and Promotion, Funded by Biovision Foundation Switzerland. She is also involves in the Finnish funded project on Adaptation for Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience in Africa (AFERIA). She authored and co-authored over 30 peer reviewed publications.

Dr Mohamed joined icipe as postdoctoral fellow in 2007 to on work on classical biological control of the invasive fruit flies Bactrocera dorsalis where she has been quite influential in importation of efficient parasitoid species (Fopius arisanus and Diachasmimorpha lomgicudata) from Hawaii and their release in different African countries for suppression of this pest.

Back in her home country and before joining icipe Dr Mohamed had worked at the Agricultural Research Cooperation (ARC), Sudan, on insect pests on cool season food legumes (faba bean, chickpea, and lentil) and wheat, within the framework of ICARDA Nile Valley and later Nile Valley and Red Sea Regional Programs.

A former ARPPIS student, Dr Mohamed holds a PhD in Agricultural Entomology from University of Gezira University, Sudan, and M.Sc from the Wageningen University, the Netherland.