Climate Change and Environment

There are two priority research areas under this strategic theme. The first priority area will focus on economic valuation of ecosystem services, and their impact on livelihoods. The research will specifically estimate and compare the value of pollination services provided by managed honey bees and the wild bees in the target countries. Pollinators play a big role in food production but literature on the value of pollination is scarce in Africa. Estimating the value of pollination service can generate useful information that is needed to compute the costs and benefits of conserving habitats for pollinators in agricultural systems, which is necessary to guide proper land use planning in agrarian economies. The research will also investigate the impact of the pollinator abundance and diversity, on crop productivity, food security and income of households. The second research area focuses to understand the impact of icipe's technologies and practices on environmental health and climate change adaptation and resilience in households and their communities. Research will also explore policy options to promote environmental sustainability and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change in the target countries.