The icipe Social Science and Impact Assessment (SSIA) Unit undertakes a wide range of research activities to generate evidence and knowledge, in support of the Centre’s efforts to develop and deliver technologies to end users.

The SSIA research activities are embedded in, and are an integral part of the icipe 4H (Plant Health, Animal Health, Human Health and Environmental Health) research themes. The SSIA team works closely with the researchers across the Themes to undertake joint activities, to prioritize and ensure the relevance and effectiveness of icipe’s activities.

SSIA’s key research agenda includes:

  • Measuring adoption and impacts of adoption on economic, social, and environmental outcomes;
  • Mainstreaming gender in the icipe technology development process and assessing gender issues in technology adoption and gender-differentiated impacts of Centre’s technologies on productivity andlivelihood.
  • Markets and value chains research to enhance farmers’ competitiveness and their capacities to adopt technologies. Alongside research, the unit involves in capacity building of graduate students doing cutting-edge research through application of advanced economic methods and tools.

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