The Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Unit (MBBU) provides relevant expertise to icipe researchers, while also developing its own research projects. Current studies include understanding the ecology of plant and animal diseases, population genetics, diagnostics, genomics and bioinformatics. 

MBBU is actively engaged in training and mentoring young scholars, as part of icipe's endeavour to equip future generations of scientists with skills that will enhance the use insect science to address Africa's current and future developmental needs.  At any one time, there are five to 10 postgraduate students, and a similar number of interns in the Unit.

MBBU has strong links across icipe’s themes, programmes and projects, as well as collaborations within Africa, Europe and North America. The MBBU staff and student population is multi-cultural and multi-national; providing a vibrant ecosystem.  

MBBU hosts the icipe biostatistics team, which provides critical statistical support to underpin robust interpretation of research data, as an essential component of training and research.

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