Scaling-up and dissemination of climate resilient push-pull pest and weed control technology (within the Integrated Biological Control Applied Research Programme -- IBCARP)

The IBCARP Programme aims to sustainably increase the use of new low-cost science-based technologies and strategies addressing cereal and livestock production constraints (surra, striga parasitic weeds, stemborer insect pests, trypanosomiasis) by smallholder cereal-livestock farmers and nomadic pastoralists. The push-pull component builds upon icipe’s novel climate-resilient push-pull technology to adapt the technology to key agro-climatic conditions and farmer practices in eastern Africa, and address key limitations to its scaling up and sustainability. The adapted push-pull technology is being scaled up through target-specific dissemination and impact pathways, partnerships, direct private-sector involvement. 


  • European Union


  • Project partners: Rothamsted Research (United Kingdom), Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), Heifer Project International – Kenya (HPI-K), and Heifer Project International – Tanzania (HPI-T).
  • Other collaborators: Ethiopia Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), and Lake Zone Agricultural Research and Development Institute (LZARDI).