icipe Director General honoured by Ethiopian bank

Enat Bank, Ethiopia, has named its 94th branch, located in Addis Ababa, after icipe Director General & CEO, Dr Segenet Kelemu, in honour of her excellence in the world of science. Initiated by 11 distinguished Ethiopian women, Enat Bank was founded in 2011 and became operational in 2013. The Bank’s vision of serving all people specially aims to bring a new dynamism to supporting women in Ethiopia, to maximise their economic capabilities, especially in business. This goal includes countering challenges like access to credit and other banking services. Amharic for “mother”, the word enat symbolises the greatest care and unfailing quality services. Thus, the Bank’s tagline is “Caring like a Mother,” and it is reputed for its empathetic and supportive culture. Women own 64 percent of the shares of Enat Bank and they hold equal, if not more, leadership positions, from senior management to the Board of Directors. Enat Bank focuses on two areas of services for women: financial and non-financial. Part of the Bank’s mission of recognising and celebrating women trailblazers for their accomplishments and contributions to Ethiopia and the world in general, by naming its branches after such iconic individuals.