Insect Chemical Ecology Workshop (ICE 2019) – CLOSED FOR REGISTRATION

PhD-level Course in Insect Chemical Ecology – CLOSED FOR REGISTRATION

Organized by icipe, Kenya and Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany. In collaboration with Penn State University, USA and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

Impact of semiochemicals on insect behavior

From neuronal input to behavioral output to novel applications

With special focus on: plant-plant, plant-insect, plant-insect-microbe, and insect-animal interactions, pheromones, olfactory receptors, odor processing, evolution, physiological and chemical methods, insects and diseases, new and upcoming applications.

TRAINERS: Ted Turlings, uniNE; John J. Beck, USDA; Teun Dekker, SLU; Paul Becher (SLU); Rickard Ignell, SLU; Christer Löfstedt, Lund University; Angel Guerrero, Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC); Shannon Olsson, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research; Lucia Prieto Godino, Francis Crick Institute; Abdullahi Yusuf, University of Pretoria; Tom Baker, Penn State; Bill Hansson, Max Plank Institute for Chemical Ecology (MPI CE); Silke Sachse, MPI CE; Markus Knaden, MPI CE; Baldwyn Torto, icipe; Jared Gregory Ali, Penn State; David Tchouassi, icipe; Merid Getahun, icipe; Charles Midega, icipe; Sevgan Subramanian, icipe; Amanuel Tamiru, icipe; Daniel Masiga, icipe; Michael Okal, icipe

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(i) Registration

  • US$ 300 (includes lunch during the workshop)

(ii) On campus accommodation

12 nights half board accommodation: in 9th June, out 21st June. (icipe, Duduville Campus, Nairobi

  • Shared room:  US$ 540
  • Single room: US$ 900 

(iii) Airport transfers

  • $60 return

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Ms Esther Ndung’u