Cocoa Bug

Cocoa Bug This colourful bug (Helopeltis schoutedeni) can cause damage on cocoa.

BSU Collection

BSU Collection The BSU collection houses about 50,000 specimens for study and reference by researchers and students.


Dragonfly A beautiful dragonfly on a stalk.

Fig Wasp

Fig Wasp A female fig wasp cleaning its ovipositor after emerging from the fruit. These wasps and fig trees depend on each other for development and pollination.

Rain Tree Bug

Rain Tree Bug This yellow rain tree bug (Ptyelus flavescens) develops on trees and excretes so much water that when one is under a tree, drops of rain appear to fall to the ground.

Rain Tree Bug

Rhinoceros Beetle The rhinoceros beetle adult (Oryctes rhinoceros) can cause reduction in yield in coconut plantations.


Silkworm A silkworm. Their silk is used to produce the finest fabric.


Silverfish Silverfish are often found in houses, where they feed on crumbs and organic material. Although they are household pests, they do not transmit disease.


Tsetse flies Our standard method is pinning insect specimens, tsetse flies in this case, to be able to place many of them in a small space and yet be able to handle them easily. DNA barcodes can also be extracted.


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