William Limo (Kenya)

William Limo

Research project title:  Identification of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense strains responsible for varying disease outcomes in mouse and their establishment in insect vector, tsetse fly.

William Limo is a DRIP MSc fellow supervised by Dr. Daniel Masiga (icipe), Dr. John Thuita (BioRI-KALRO), and Drs. Vincent Adung’a, Robert Shivairo (Egerton University, Kenya). Limo research interests are in neglected tropical diseases (NTDs); African trypanosomiasis, and in particular host/vector-parasite relationship.

William Limo (BSc. Bmed, Dip Anhe) completed his undergraduate studies in BSc. Biomedical Science & Technology and Diploma in Animal Health both from Egerton University.