Victor Ochieng Omondi (Kenya)

Victor Ochieng Omondi

Research Project: Characterization of Rumen Metabolites including Greenhouse Gases.

Research interest: Victor Omondi is a trained Chemist from the University of Kabianga and is presently an MSc Analytical Chemistry student at the University of Nairobi, Department of Chemistry. Omondi is an aspiring research scientist with interests in Analytical chemistry, Environmental Conservation & Sustainability. His beliefs revolve around the application of chemistry principles to solve existing societal, environmental and biotechnological problems through research aided by modern Analytical techniques and instruments. His present research on characterization of rumen metabolites including greenhouse gases aims at providing insights on the rumen chemistry and greenhouse gas emission among livestock within a pastoral set up. This is in abid to design practical approach of making livestock green and less vulnerable to vectors.

Research goals: Apply chemistry Concepts to develop novel practical mechanisms of mitigating environmental pollution vis-a-vis climate change.