Tracy Wanjiku Maina (Kenya)

Tracy Wanjiku Maina

Research Project: Elucidating the horizontal transmission routes of Anopheles Symbiont Microsporidia MB

Research interest: To evaluate different transmission routes and transmission rates of the symbiont Microsporidia MB in Anopheles arabiensis.

Research goals: Exploring Microsporidia MB as a possible biocontrol tool for Malaria

Host project and funding: Symbiovector

Supervisors: Dr Jeremy Herren and Dr. Tullu Bukhari (ICIPE)

Bio: I joined ICIPE in November 2019 as an intern under the symbiovector team.I completed my undergraduate studies in Medical Microbiology in 2019 and i am currently doing a masters in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in JKUAT.