Souleymane Diallo (Burkina Faso)

Souleymane Diallo

Research Project:  Coding of tsetse repellents by olfactory receptor repertoire: towards the improvement and development of new novel tsetse repellents.

Souleymane Diallo is a PhD research fellow under African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS), 2016. He obtained his first degree, Bachelor of Education (Science) in Biology at university of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, he did his Msc degree in Fundamental and Applied Entomology. His Masters research project focused on "Quality control of sterile males provided in the form of irradiated pupae to the regional projects of the tsetse eradication ", which was carried out at the Centre International de Recherche-Développement sur l’Elevage en zone Subhumide (CIRDES). Souleymane worked as a consultant in the insectary of the CIRDES where is was in charge of Tsetse flies mass rearing and the quality control of the sterile pupae. In 2016, he did training on tick taxonomy, tick mass rearing, and tick resistance/sensibility tests at the laboratory of acarology (CIRDES). Currently, Souleymane is undertaking his PhD in olfactory coding in tsetse flies. The aim of his PhD project is to understand the olfactory pathways by which tsetse repellents and attractants operate in order to develop a sustainable push-pull system for tsetse flies control. 

Supervisors:  Dr Merid G.N., Dr Masiga D., Prof Baldwyn T. (icipe) and Prof Alan Christoffels (University of Western Cape, South Africa).