Shadia Ibrahim Kilwanila (Tanzania)

Shadia Kilwanila

Research project title:  Surveillance of illegal bushmeat activities in transboundary areas around serengeti ecosystem using high throuput molecular tools.

Shadia is a DRIP MSc fellow supervised by Prof B.Mutayoba and Dr N.E Mbije, Sokoine university of Agriculture, Tanzania and Dr. Lilian Wambua from ICIPE, Kenya .  Her MSc thesis is titled “Surveillance of illegal bushmeat activities in transboundary areas across Northern Serengeti ecosystem using high throughput molecular tools”.  Her research focus on the conservation of wildlife species.  Her research interests focus on Bush meat activities is the great threat to the survival of wildlife species in Eat Africa especially Tanzania and Kenya, due to the dwindling population of targeted wildlife species, hence there is the need for development and use of the molecular tool which is cost-effective in terms of time and resources. She studied Bachelor of science with wildlife management at Sokoine University of Agriculture, during my last year of study she did her research on the abundance and diversity of small mammals in Masasi, Mtwara region, Tanzania. Currently doing Masters in wildlife management and conservation at Sokoine University of Agriculture.