Paul Nyamweya Nyang'au (Kenya)

Paul Nyamweya Nyang'au

Paul Nyangau is a PhD Scholar at the University of Nairobi supervised by Dr Kassie Menale (International Centre for Insect Physiology ans Ecology, icipe) and Dr Jonathan Nzuma (University of Nairobi (UoN), Kenya). He is currently researching on the economic burden of arboviral diseases in Kenya under the project: Arbovirus Transmission Networks funded by DFG. Paul joined icipe in 2015 as DRIP Msc. Scholar under the project: Beyond mango fruit fly control:The impact of IPM technology for mango fruit fly control on food security, gender and intra-household dynamics. Paul holds an Msc. in Agricultural and Applied Economics and a BSc in Agricultural Education and Extension from UoN, Kenya.