Lilian Waithera Wanjiru (Kenya)

Lilian Wanjiru

Research project title:  Investigation of plasmodium transmission by Diverse Anopheline Species.

Lilian is a Thrive MSc. fellow supervised by Drs. Jeremy Herren, Ulrike Fillinger (icipe) and Dr. Francis Mcodimba (icipe and Egerton University Njoro, Kenya). Lillian’s research interests include Vector Borne Human diseases and Parasites of Medical Importance.She is currently investigating the role played by diverse Anopheline species mainly Anopheles funestus, An. rivulorum and An. coustani in maintaining or extending plasmodium transmission between transmission seasons in Western Kenya. There is insufficient information on the role played by An. coustani and An. rivorulum in indoor and outdoor malaria transmission in Western Kenya. These two species are mainly considered as Secondary malaria vectors in Suba district and are suspected of increasing malaria incidences but their precise contribution and role is unknown. There is an urgent need to obtain more knowledge on these two species in order to devise appropriate malaria vector control methods and achieve Kenya’s vision to eliminate malaria, with the ultimate goal of worldwide malaria eradication by 2040-2050.

Lilian Completed her undergraduate studies in BSc. Botany, Zoology and Chemistry at Egerton University.