Kitheka Mundumwiu (Kenya)

Kitheka Mundumwiu

Research project title:  Assessment of Willingness to Pay for Larvae Spy acoustic technology in Kenya

Kitheka a DRIP MSc fellow supervised by Dr Menale Kassie, Dr Paddy Likhayo, Dr Lucy Ngare, Dr Kyalo Willy and Dr Ibrahim N Macharia of Kenyatta University, Kenya. Kitheka’s research interests include Post harvest losses, and use of cost effective methods for postharvest losses mitigation. Kitheka is currently assessing the willingness to pay for Larvae Spy Acoustic technology as an early warning system against pest infestation on cereals in Kenya. Postharvest losses have been a challenge on the global strive towards achieving food security. This challenge may have resulted from the fact that pests’ detection is based on traditional subjective methods of physical scouting. Kitheka completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness Management and Trade at Kenyatta University (First Class Honours).