Josphat Kiplangat Korir (Kenya)

Josphat Korir

Research project title:  Economic Analysis of Maize, Chickpea and Rice IPM in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Research goals:  seeks to assess the potential adoption and impacts of IPM technologies currently being developed to control these pests in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Supervisors:  Dr. Menale Kassie (icipe) and Dr. Cecilia Ritho and Dr. Patick Irungu (university of Nairobi).

Bio:  Josphat graduated with Bsc(Agribusiness management) and Msc( Agricultural and Applied Economics) from the university of Nairobi in 2011 and 2016 respectively. He is currently registered at the university of Nairobi pursuing PhD (Agricultural Economics) funded by USAID focusing on economics of grain IPM in East Africa. Maize and rice stem borer are insect pests of economic importance to small scale farmers in East Africa. Likewise, chickpea production is heavily constrained by pod borer infestation.