Joshua Magu Gichuhi (Kenya)

Joshua Magu Gichuhi

Research Project: Defense Mechanism Associated with Wild Tomato Varieties at the Transcriptome Level under Tuta Absoluta Infestation

Joshua Magu is a CAP-AFRICA MSc Scholar in Plant Health theme under Dr. Khamis Fathiya (icipe) and Prof Steven Runo (KU). His MSc research work is on defense mechanisms associated with wild tomato varieties at the transcriptome level under Tuta absoluta infestation. The study aims at establishing a comparative analysis of resistant and susceptible tomato varieties in bid to unravel the plant tolerance mechanism at both the phenotypic and transcriptome level. Upon completion of the project, it will highlight key mechanisms associated with resistance and help breeders in developing plant material capable of defending itself without the use of excess pesticides. To the farmer, the study aims at reducing the cost of production through the overuse of pesticides. In future, he hopes to apply the knowledge and skills gained to offer tangible solutions to other invasive pests.