Jedida Wanjiru Gatheru

Jedida Gatheru

Research project: Assessment of Microbial Load and Diversity in insects that could be used as an alternative source of proteins for food and feed

Jedida is a DRIP MSc Scholar supervised by Dr. Sunday Ekesi (icipe) and Dr James Nonoh, Kenyatta university, Kenya. Jedida’s research interests include coming up with solutions to the problem of food insecurity facing the world today by encouraging alternative sources of food rather than the conventional ones, and is currently assessing the microorganisms in insects used for food and feed,wchich includes finding out the microbial load and diversity of these insects and establishing the kind of risks (if any) associated with consumption of the insects. Jedida completed her undergraduate studies in B/ED Science at Kenyatta University, Kenya and She is currently registered for an MSc at the same university.