Jane Kagure Njaramba (Kenya)

Jane Kagure Njaramba

Research Project title: A molecular Survey of Viral and Bacterial Zoonotic pathogens in Bushmeat

Jane is a DRIP MSc scholar supervised by Dr. Lillian Wambua (icipe and University of Nairobi) and Prof. Titus Mukiama (University of Nairobi). Her research interest is in zoonoses, including their transmission through arthropod vectors, animal health and wildlife conservation. She is currently researching the presence of viral and bacterial pathogens in bushmeat being sold in key locations in Kenya.

Jane completed her undergraduate studies in Forensic Science in Kenyatta University, Kenya. She is currently registered for a MSc. Genetics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya and is supported by a scholarship from Gandhi Smarak Nithi.