Gezahegne Getaneh Damessa (Ethiopia)

Gezahegne Getaneh Damessa

Research project title: Integrated Chickpea Diseases Management in Ethiopia.

Gezahegne Getaneh Damessa is a DRIP PhD fellow supervised by Dr. Tadele Tefera (icipe), Prof. Fikere Lemessa (Jimma University, Ethiopia) and Dr. Seid Kemal (icarda). Gezahegne interests in Molecular Biology of phytopathology, and pest management research.  Currently he is doing his research on integrated chickpea disease management in Ethiopia. Chickpea is major pulse crop in Ethiopia produced for domestic and export market. Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Ciceris, and Ascochyta bilght caused by Ascochyta rabiei are the major most important disease of chickpea production constraint in Ethiopia. Pest management is crucial for sustainable chickpea production in Ethiopia. Integrated pest management is the best option and holistic approach of addressing pest problem. 

The objective of his research heading and the candidate will intend to come up with concrete information on the ways of integrated pest management of chickpea in Ethiopia which easily adopted by producers.