Diana Wairimu Kinyua (Kenya)

Diana Wairimu Kinyua

Research Project: Sustainable Control of Ticks using Metarhizium anisopliae and extracts of Calpurnia aurea

Research interest: Biocontrol of arthropod pests and vectors of diseases using botanicals and entomopathogens

Research goals: Identify tick attractants and dtermine their compatibility with entomopathogenic fungi.

Host project and funding: Improving food and nutritional security through integrated control of tsetse and tick-borne livestock diseases (BMZ - ICTLD) funded by GIZ

Supervisors: Dr. Daniel Masiga, Dr. Xavier Cheseto, Dr. Joel Bargul, Dr. Komivi Akutse (icipe) and Dr. Meshack Obonyo (Egerton University)

Bio: Obtained a Bsc. in Biomedical Science and Technology from Egerton University. Currently registered at Egerton University for MSc. in Biochemistry