Caroline Wanjiru Githiomi

Caroline Githiomi

Research project: An economic analysis of spillover effects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) package in mango production in Meru County, Kenya

Caroline is a DRIP MSc Fellow supervised by Dr. Beatrice Muriithi (icipe) and Dr. Patrick Irungu (University of Nairobi, Kenya. Caroline’s research interest includes agricultural innovations and value chains, and is currently researching on Agricultural innovation spillover effects of farm productivity: an analysis of mango integrated pest management (IPM) fruit fly control technology in Kenya.

Fruitfly Bactrocera invadens is of economic importance to fruits like mango, avocado, banana and watermelon, and cucurbit vegetables like pumpkins and butternut squash. It threatens the production and marketability of these fruits and vegetables by reducing their quantity and quality. ICIPE has developed mango IPM fruit fly control technology package to help cope with Bactrocera invadens challenge in mangoes but this package has applicability to other enterprises in the farm.

This study involves examining the spillover effects from mango IPM fruit fly control technology package on the overall farm income. This is being done by characterizing the nature and extent of application of the IPM package on other farm enterprises with the main focus being avocados, oranges and pawpaws and bananas and empirically evaluating the cross- commodity spillover effects on farm income.

Caroline completed her undergraduate studies in BSc Agricultural Economics at Egerton University, Kenya. She is currently registered for an MSc at the University of Nairobi, Kenya.