Caroline Wanjiku Kung'u (Kenya)

Caroline Wanjiku Kung'u

Research project title:  Development of surveillance tools for males of select Afrotropical disease vectors.


Research goals: her research is focused on exploiting mosquito-plant interactions for development of surveillance and/or control tools for arbovirus and malaria vectors.


Supervisors:  Prof. Baldwyn Torto, Dr. David Tchouassi (icipe) and Prof. Catherine Sole, Prof. Christian Pirk (university of pretoria)


Bio: Caroline joined ICIPE in 2011 as a DRIP MSc. Scholar to work on semio-chemicals   in the   tri-trophic interaction between the cashew tree, a heteropteran pest and its natural enemy. In 2013, after obtaining her MSc.  she moved to human health research where she worked as a research assistant in   a collaborative project between ICIPE and partners from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich) looking to unravel signature odor markers of malaria infections in humans. She holds an MSc.  in Biochemistry and a BSc. In Zoology both from Kenyatta University, Kenya.