Bonaventure January (Tanzania)

Bonaventure January

Research project title:  Integrated management of rice stem bores in Morogoro Tanzania.

Bonaventure is a DRIP PhD fellow supervised by Dr. Tadele Tefera (ICIPE) and Dr. Gratian Rwegasira, Sokoine university of Agriculture, Tanzania. Bonaventure’s research interests is on entomology and is currently doing his PhD Research with Tittle ‘‘management of rice stem borers in irrigated low land rice ecosystem in Tanzania’’ . Rice stem bores are great concern to rice growers in Tanzania. Farmers currently are using synthetic insecticides in the control of the pest which has detrimental effect to human being and environmental non-targeted organisms which needs development of alternative means. Cultural practices and use of bio-pesticides can be used as alternative to synthetic pesticides. These methods are safe to human being and to environment This research sets a basic for this work. Bonaventure Completed his Master’s degree in Crop protection and a bachelor degree in Agriculture General at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania in 2012 and 2006 respectively