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Strengthening Capacity in Insect Science








ARPPIS was established in 1983 as a partnership programme with African Universities (now 34) and icipe, to provide young African scientists with the opportunity to study and learn in Africa, the insect pests and vectors that are a threat to the health and sustenance of the African people and which limit the continent’s development.

Strengthening Capacity through Partnership

The ARPPIS network draws upon the expertise and resources of both the universities and icipe and is composed of two major programmes; the ARPPIS Sub-Regional Masters Programme hosted by three collaborating universities in different sub-regions in Africa (Accra, Addis Ababa and Harare) and the ARPPIS Regional Doctoral Programme hosted at icipe.

Core Values and Responsibility

Through ARPPIS, the universities collaborating with icipe in the ARPPIS programme have the responsibility of ensuring that incoming generations of African scientists and practitioners trained have strong and holistic science-based training within a socio-economic background that is relevant to the needs of the society they live and work in. Our graduates need to be equipped with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as possess good communication and interpersonal skills.

Hence, our research training programmes are designed based on a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is anchored firmly on a strong disciplinary pillar, emphasizing the creation and application of knowledge, strengthening of skills and changing of mindsets so as to empower individual researchers and institutions to initiate problem-solving research that will impact on socio-economic development in Africa. ARPPIS graduates are expected to be conversant with modern concepts and principles of Integrated Pest and Vector Management (IPVM) and are able to conceive, develop and implement projects thorough multi-disciplinary teamwork.

Ultimately, these skills equip our graduates to be able to analyse insect-related aspects that impact on food and health security, and effectively integrate contributions of other disciplines such as the social sciences.

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