Emilie Deletre

Dr Emilie Deletre

Dr Deletre is an agro-ecologist specialising in the chemical ecology of insect-plant interactions. She joined icipe in 2015 as a visiting scientist from CIRAD - Persyst - UPR HORTSYS (www.cirad.fr/ur/hortsys).

Her current research is on the insect-plant and insect-insect chemical interactions in order to design innovative strategy for crop protection, particularly to develop push pull strategy, with the goal of identifying attractant and repellent stimuli for economic important crop pests in Africa.

In particular, she is interested in the tomato model, linking two invasive pests two invasive tomato pests: Tuta absoluta and whiteflies, and in the tritrophic system of mango-fruit flies-ant (Oecophylla longinoda).

She holds a PhD on the repellency phenomen in insect and their applications on Bemisia tabaci and Anopheles gambiae.

Email: edeletre@icipe.org